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The State Forestry Administration Office for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants with administrative functions of the State Forestry Administration are departmental institutions, vested in the leadership of science and technology division, the business work in science and technology division under the leadership, career preparation of 22. Protection of New Varieties inside the Department (Office), genetic safety management, forest certification and technical services at a total of 4 Chu Shi.
Specific duties are:
(A) for "regulations" and the implementation details of forestry proposed changes to draw up and monitor the implementation of management practices.
(B) proposed list of protected new varieties of forest plants, new varieties of forest plants is responsible for receiving applications for preliminary review, the substantive examination (test) operation.
(C) bear the approval, certification, registration, fees, publication of bulletins, file management, new varieties of forest plants and plant specific work authorization Protection of New Varieties review committee assigned by the specific affairs.
(D) is responsible for applications for new varieties of forestry plants agents, law enforcement personnel, test personnel training; the organization to build a new variety of test systems, agencies and preservation agencies; investigate and guide the subordinate investigate new varieties of forestry plants infringement, counterfeiting cases of authorized species .
(E) Protection of New Varieties of Plants of forestry contractors to participate in international conventions affairs, protection of new varieties of plants to carry out international cooperation in exchange.
(Vi) is responsible for the management of intellectual property rights bureau the work of subordinate units and to guide forestry system patents and other intellectual property rights management.
(7) for forest management laws and regulations on biosafety of genetically modified proposal in the development of biological safety of genetically modified forest management practices and to supervise their implementation, undertake forestry safety management of genetically modified organisms.
(Viii) Participation in the formulation of forest certification regulatory changes, undertake assessment of forest certification, issue certificates, re-evaluation, labeling and other concrete work, participation in international cooperation in forest certification.
(Ix) the forestry scientific and technological achievements transformation and industrialization of technical services, establishment of demonstration models to organize technical training.
(10) the contractor superior to other matters assigned by the executive branch.